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ImageSo that photo shoot I mentioned a while back turned out to be something like a pin up shoot ¬†without as much focus on my rib piece as I would have liked, so I’ll redo it before the release of Heart of the Swarm :3 photo credit goes to DeVictor Powell.¬†



      Preview of the trip to Venice and Verona. I’ll post more after work!


So I have a photo shoot coming up on Monday for my awesome tattoo on my ribs. I have been putting this off for a while because of silly self conscience issues>< I’m still scared. SO many people have been waiting to see it and I feel really bad for making them wait so long T-T

Best gift ever!


Got this for the hubby for Valentine’s day :3

For the Imgur users->

So I finally finished this quilt! I’m so happy! Took me three weeks and forever>< I'm just glad it is over. SOrry about all the loose threads

Defend the Library!

Defend the Library!

Self portrait using one point perspective. I love books and paper airplanes:3