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What went down tonight

So, this is what happened after a long day. My husband made me laugh super hard. I thought I’d share with you guys the silliness that is my husband.

My baby

Another picture of my baby:3

He has claimed the huge bean bag as his and his alone.

Day Job

So most likely over the next month I’ll be posting a lot of stuff form work. I work as a quilter for my day job, so you’ll be seeing tons of pictures of stitches and all that other fun stuff.

Doing this project was fun. I got to make up a new design and it was super fun to do.


Super cute! I love pandas. This isn’t mine, but just sharing my love.

My cat

My cat

So this is my baby, Archimedes. Breed: Egyptian Mau

I love my cat so much. He is such a ham and far from camera shy.